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Octorara's Lego Apocalypse

The Octorara Board of Directors held their Facilities and Policy Committee Meetings, and the Work Session Meeting on Monday, February 13, 2017. All nine Board members were in attendance.

Fire and Brimstone Coming Down From the Sky

At last night’s Board Meeting, Dr. Newcome presented examples of two letters to the public. They were each regarding the proposed property tax elimination legislation brewing in the Pennsylvania Senate.The first letter was created for and by the group of Chester County Superintendents. The other was drafted by the Oxford Area School Board. Along with the samples, Dr. Newcome wrote, that he was  “recommending that [the Octorara Board of Directors] approve a statement similar to that posted by the Oxford Area School District Board of Directors.

The Oxford statement is in opposition to the property tax elimination legislation, with this concluding statement:

As this potential piece of Legislation moves forward, the Oxford Area Board of School Directors, by and large, does not support the provisions as expressed in SB 76 without significant improvement in the language discussing alternative revenue streams and/or cutting costs.

This opposition to property tax relief had me lose my mind a bit. However, it may not be for the reasons you would think. I have been a supporter of the proposed property tax elimination legislation, and it is not new. Why is property tax elimination a big deal this year, but was largely ignored last year? This same legislation was voted on in 2016, and no one seemed to pay much attention to it, and they certainly were not running around with their hair on fire. Continue reading

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