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UPDATED: Lancaster Online Investigates Raccoon Shooting

Lancaster Online Investigates Raccoon Shooting

Early Wednesday morning, I was contacted by a Lancaster Online staff reporter regarding Octorara’s recent raccoon incident. The news organization had received a call from a citizen, concerned about how the whole episode unfolded. Lancaster Online found the controversy to be newsworthy, and went to look deeper into what happened.

Read their article here: Octorara parents upset they weren’t told district security officer shot, killed raccoon on campus

Have you ever heard the saying, “It is not the crime, it is the coverup”? Well, I think that all perfectly encapsulates this situation. Another Board Member is quoted as saying, “I think that Dr. Newcome acted very appropriately in not notifying so as to keep it from becoming more of an issue than it really is.” This is exactly why open records and transparency laws exist. Government agencies should not withhold information because they fear a negative public reaction.

This week, I attended the CCIU Board of Directors Meeting. Talking about a different subject, an official from another district stated, “The best policy is to share bad news, and share it often.” The public does not trust officials when they believe they are not being completely upfront and straightforward. Making information open and easily accessible goes a long way. Democracy relies on a government that is transparent, participatory, and collaborative. Don’t you agree?

All that said, Lancaster Online interviewed Dr. Newcome, three Board Members, the security officer, Pete Mango (the local Signal 88 franchise owner), and the Chester County Health Department. There was an attempt to contact the West Fallowfield Police Department, but they could not be reached. As with other conversations, others seemed much more focused on talking about the “how”, as in how the raccoon was killed and if it was procedurally correct. Of course, my focus is on the “why”… as in, “Why were the parents not notified,” and “Why did the incident happen at all?” Continue reading

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