About Octorara Area School District Taxes

The Octorara Area School District has the highest taxes in the area. At the January 2013 school board meeting, the school board proposed another tax increase for the 2013-14 budget.

If you are within the Octorara Area School District, and would like your voice heard, you can sign our online petition demanding the Octorara School Board to address issues of cost, new spending, and lowering taxes


Since its original inception, this blog has expanded from a soapbox about the high taxes within the Octorara Area School District to much more.

This website now also tackles issues of transparency and accountability on matters including:

  • Academic performance,
  • Budget adoption,
  • Contracts,
  • Curriculum adoption, and
  • Fiscal planning and oversight.

The citizens deserve greater responsiveness, citizen inclusion, transparency and fiscal responsibility from the Octorara Area School District. We deserve clear, unbiased information about academic performance, taxes, contracts, and lobbying efforts.