Tim’s Priorities


Timothy Alexander believes that public service is a privilege, and knows that he was elected to fight for Octorara priorities and values. A quality education is essential for both our children and for the future of our community.

Tim is passionate about the Octorara Area School District, and ran for School Board as a concerned parent and taxpayer. Many parents, voters and taxpayers are frustrated at the amount of taxpayer money spent, by the Octorara Area School District, without furthering its mission to provide our students with a world-class education. The economic well-being of our area is threatened by the size of the school budget. Tim wants to refocus the district on the mission of educating students, while creating a responsible budget to accomplish that goal.

Education Issues

  • Accountability
  • Reading & Literacy
  • Special Education
  • School Funding
  • Teachers Unions
  • Transparency

While these are not all the issues facing our district, the above are key to solving the most troublesome. The policies Tim endorses are a reflection of his respect for the citizens of this area. He believe there needs to be greater transparency and accountability on matters including budget adoption, contracts, curriculum adoption, and fiscal planning and oversight. He promotes policies and works toward a school district with greater responsiveness, citizen inclusion, transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Tim believes in accountability at every stage of schooling, higher expectations for all students, and attacking the bigotry of low expectations. He supports consumer rights in education–School Choice, parents as the ultimate determiner of ethical and behavioral norms and traditions, holding teachers and administrators responsible for student performance, and Data-driven instruction. Tim also encourages Pennsylvania legislators to make changes to allow merit-based  tenure systems, greater flexibility for schools to be innovative, and expand school choice.