School Board Work Session Receives Zero Public Attendance

School Board Work Session Receives Zero Public AttendanceThe Octorara Area School District Board of Directors held its monthly Work Session meeting on October 13, 2014, as well as the Facilities Committee Meeting. All School Board Members were in attendance, and with no members of the public choosing to attend.

During the Work Session, the Board reviewed the Agenda Items, including a transportation contract with Linville Hill Mennonite for the 2014-2015 school year, a student activity request for the Class of 2018, and regular hirings and changes in status, to be voted on at the Regular Meeting on October 20th.

Dr Scott Rohrer provided this video presentation, to the Board and public, about the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, a one-of-a-kind summer program that offers in-coming high school juniors and seniors a unique and challenging opportunity to see what it is like to run their own business.

Linville Hill Mennonite Busing

During the presentation the the agenda, Samuel Ganow expressed concern the language of the busing contract seemed to infer that Octorara was paying the cost to transport both Octorara and Oxford students.

In years past, Mr Ganow has brought this issue up, and has accepted verbal confirmation Octorara was not paying the total cost. However, he is asking that there be written conformation and, if there is not, he will not be able to vote in the affirmative.

Facilities Committee

• Cell Tower – The Committee reviewed a proposed early lease renewal for the rental of the cell tower. The Committee decided to wait to see if better offers are made.

• High School Water Infiltration – The original companies responsible have received a bid for the repair, and things are moving as expected.

• PLC Efflorescence – Since there are no signs of structural defect, the Committee decided not to move forward with core samples.

• Junior High Masonry Specs – The company looking to create the specs for the Junior High Masonry project has reduced their price from $21,300 to $18,000.

• YMCA Agreement – The Committee is in the process of reviewing information for, and making changes to, the rental agreement with the Octorara YMCA.

• Field Development – The Field Development Committee (via Dr Newcome) informed the Facilities Committee that repairing the Track Field will cost roughly $400,000, and asked, “How much of that would the Board be willing to pay?”

Shawna Johnson asked the question, “How much updating is needed for school/gym use?”

Dr Newcome’s answer to Ms Johnson’s question was none. The $400,000 investment into the Track Field is to bring it to competition status, to be able to host competitions. As is, the Track Field is completely suitable for school/gym use.

It was also noted that it is not uncommon or unheard of for a Track & Field team to never have home field competitions.

It was left undecided if the Facilities Committee would recommend any type of spending to the whole Board.


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