CALL TO ACTION: Property Tax Reform

It’s time for your Senator to hear your voice on school property tax elimination. Contact your Senator today.


SB 76 proposes to eliminate property taxes dedicated to school districts and replace the funding by raising the personal income tax from 3.07 to 4.34 percent and increasing and broadening the sales tax from 6 to 7 percent to include previously exempted items. Based on an economic impact study by Anderson Economic Group, the bill works.

I’ve heard from seniors who can no longer afford to live in their homes because school property taxes have become crippling. Elderly home owners who want to downsize, aren’t able to sell their properties because younger families can’t afford to pay the exceedingly high taxes.

Pennsylvanians need property tax reform. Senate Bill 76 offers bold reform that will help homeowners stay in their homes and help small businesses operate more affordably in the Commonwealth.

I believe SB 76 will protect homeowners on fixed incomes and fairly tax consumers in a responsible way. Throughout the Commonwealth, rising school property taxes have made it difficult for homeowners on limited incomes to pay their taxes. By eliminating property taxes and replacing the funding with personal income and sales taxes, the burden of unreasonably high property taxes would be lifted from homeowners and fairly spread among those who consume and earn the most.


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