Pa. denies all applications for cyber-charter schools in 2014

Reblogged from NewsWorks:

There will be no new cyber-charter schools opening this year in Pennsylvania.

The state Department of Education rejected proposals from each of the six operators that applied last November.

The state’s 14 existing cyber-charter schools – which educate students via computers in students’ homes – have thus far produced dismal academic results for their 35,000 students statewide.

Judging by the state’s new school performance profile scores, the 11 cyber-charters for which information is available scored well below state averages.

Pennsylvania’s cyber-charters have also drawn criticism from academics and the state auditor general regarding their use of public funds.

After hearing testimony from the six new organizations hoping to create cyber-charters, education department officials said in December they would review their applications with “a laser focus” while “increasing the rigor of the review process.”

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2 thoughts on “Pa. denies all applications for cyber-charter schools in 2014

  1. This is some very good and welcome news. The next step should be to close the existing cybers and put the money back into our existing public schools.

    • I absolutely agree. While I am a big supporter of school choice, cyber-charter schools have become little more than dumping grounds for public schools to unload their struggling and problem students. They are stepping stones to a student dropping out and failure.

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