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Students in the Octorara Schools Districts 7th and 8th grade classrooms got a boost this year by having the chance to be provided with an iPad all their own. Along with the iPad came insinuations that taking this course of action would, in the long run, save the district on text books and paper all while providing students with introductory knowledge into technology and what is possible with it. Like any other heavily taxed Americans, the thought was that if the district could save money by doing this, it might have an effect on school taxes. That being lowering them at least a little bit.

So here we are about ready to wrap up the 5th month of the school year and I decided to question my child who is an 8th grade student about how the experience has been for the first 5 months. I chose to remain anonymous for this article to protect the identity of my child. I told them to answer me honestly, good or bad and these are the responses I received.

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The Education Committee meets this Monday. It would be great if parents came to give their feedback and insights.



  1. Very interesting. I’m not surprised. In theory you would think it would work, but without some serious training with students and with teachers along with restricting what can be done with the ipads…. it was bound to fail.

    • I was critical of (1) spending money on tablets, (2) using iPads without giving proper consideration to other tablets, and (3) that the program would actual achieve the stated goal.

      I have received similar feedback from other parents disappointed with the iPad program, and my two kids (11th & 12th grades) have given similar responses when I questioned them. They use the tablets primarily for socializing and recreation, and minimally for school… and that seems limited mostly to googling during class. One of my daughter’s classes was using an app to submit homework in the first semester, but it could alternatively be done through the website the app was created for.

      However, I think it is too soon call it a failure, and at this point too much money has been invested for the District to abandon it with out getting feedback and working to make proper use of these devices.

      If parents don’t think the school is effectively using and implementing the iPads, the Education Committee and the Board needs their feedback.

      • I agree, we have too much invested to give up on it. But they really need to put some serious consideration in restrict access to certain sites… although there are ways around it. The other thing is to educate teachers on how to utilize the ipads. Also, parents need to get on the school/teachers if they see their kids still carrying around a backpack filled with books.

        It’s a wonder why they don’t try to create a class or course to teach kids how to develop apps.

      • Off topic here, but I noticed someone voted down my last comment. Boy would I love to know what I said that is “thumbs down” worthy. LOL.

  2. When i went to school a #2 pencil and paper and your brain was all that was needed. Still throwing money at a hopeless school district.

  3. It would be nice if we could get a petition going around to remove Brian Norris, and Lisa Bowman from their positions on the school board because they are making poor decisions which are raising our tax dollars. We can’t afford this type of immature behavior especially from Brian Norris. I sat through a work session where he pushed to spend, spend, spend, and Lion Lapp pleaded not to spend any more because the tax payers would be upset. Brian didn’t care and he said he wanted to spend the money on the IPADS because the students should have good things…um the IPADS didn’t help, and parents are complaining about them big time. GET BRIAN, and LISA OUT before it is too late. People are leaving the town because of the high taxes, and people like Brian Norris don’t care. I wish Lion Lapp was the President of the school board because he understands what it means to spend tax dollars wisely.

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