Study of Gifted Education Services in Pennsylvania Released

HARRISBURG – Rep. Ryan Aument (R-Lancaster) announced the release of a study conducted by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee (LB&FC) of the status of special education for gifted students in Pennsylvania public school districts.

“In order for Pennsylvania students to remain competitive globally, we need to maximize the academic potential of all of our students, including our top students,” explained Aument. “The intent of this study was to ensure the services we are providing are meeting the unique learning needs of our gifted students.”

The study was prompted by Aument’s House Resolution 139, which was adopted by the House in May. It tasked the committee with examining the process for identifying children as gifted, the process for developing and implementing gifted individualized education plans, the programs and services provided to gifted students, the cost of providing such programs and services, and a demographic breakdown of the children who benefit from such programs and services.

“In the coming weeks, I will be taking a closer look at the findings in this report and deciding what steps should be taken next,” said Aument. “I would like to talk to some parents of gifted students and the school districts that administer these programs to get a better idea if a public hearing and legislation are warranted to address any of the issues identified by this study.”

According to the LB&FC study, about 4.3 percent of the student population in Pennsylvania in 2009-10 was identified as gifted.

To view the full LB&FC report, visit

~ News Release via Representative Ryan Aument ~
~ 41st Legislative District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives ~


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