Thank You for the Chance to Serve

Cheers_we_winWe started down this path many months ago. We came out and said issues matter… property taxes matter… academic performance matters… government transparency matters. It all matters.

I want to say, from the bottom of my heart, “Thank you!!” I am very humbled for the voters to select me to represent them as Octorara Area School Director in Region 3. I am humbled voters opened their minds and hearts, seeing the possibility of what we could do together for our children and for the community. I am profoundly grateful to all of you for giving me the chance to serve.

The status quo crowd used every opportunity to attack me, to attack us, and avoid discussing the challenges facing the Octorara Area School District. However, in the end, this election was won on ideas, not rhetoric. This election was won on substance, not image. This election was won on the virtue of our convictions.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this election, whether you voted for me or not. With your trust comes a duty to serve all Octroara citizens and taxpayers in Region 3, and I will do my best to fulfill that duty every day as School Director.

Political campaigns very often become small, petty, and even silly at times. It is my belief and hope this campaign has been able to inform citizens. I worked hard to place facts, data, and statistics front-and-center, and put forth some common sense ideas for fixing our District’s crushing property taxes, improving academic performance, and providing transparency.

We battled fiercely, but it is only because we love the Octorara Area School District and this community, and we care about its future. I look forward to continuing the conversation about where we can work together to move this School District forward. I know everyone wants Octorara to be the best it can be.

You elected me to focus on your priorities, but we can only solve the District’s issues together… reducing the debt… improving academic performance… controlling labor costs… providing transparency. We’ve got more work to do.

There are those who won’t agree with every position I have, decision I make, or policy I support, but I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. Most importantly, I will listen to you, especially when we disagree.

I want to thank Sandi, my wife and the love of my life. You have no idea what I put her through during the election, and I deeply appreciate her patience with me.

I need to thank my children, who lived in fear of their father becoming a School Director. That nightmare has come true for them. I especially would like thank my son Tyler, a Junior at Octorara, who I forced to read every blog post. He now knows more about the District than he ever wanted.

I also would like to thank Robert Hume, who is stepping down after 16 years of service to the Octroara Area. He was one of the few voices speaking on behalf of home owners and taxpayers. He was a true champion for all of us.

Finally, I am grateful to my supporters and those who offered to volunteer. Even though I decided not to do a door-to-door or telephone campaign, I appreciate so many were ready and willing to donate their time.

With your help, together we will continue to move forward. We must come together in our common cause. The best years of the Octorara Area School District are still ahead of us. Thank you all.


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