Election Results: Octorara Area School Director 2013

2013We are showing the unofficial results for the Octorara Area School District – School Director Election, posted as of 11:43PM on Election Night, and will make updates as they become available.

	         Sadsbury	W Fallowfield	
Region 2
Samuel Ganow	   130		     186		
Hank Oleyniczak	   126		     155		
Write-Ins	    --		      11

	          Parkesburg-S	 Highland	Londonderry
Region 3
Nelson Stoltzfus  	173	    123		    190
Timothy Alexander 	133	     56		    137
Write-Ins	   	108	     75		     63

Region 2 saw unchallenged incumbents Samuel Ganow and Hank Oleyniczak retaining their seats.

Election results from Region 3 landed almost as expected, despite incumbent Nelson Stoltzfus endorsing write-in candidate David Jones.

  • Nelson Stoltzfus…… 486
  • Timothy Alexander… 326
  • Write-Ins…………… 246

In Region 3, Parkesburg-South had the highest turnout with participation from 19.97% of eligible voters. Highland Township had a 19.26% turnout, and Londonderry had only 16.79% of eligible voters casting ballots.

As it stands, Nelson Stoltzfus and Timothy Alexander will be the Octorara Area School Directors for Region 3.

Last day for the County Board of Elections to receive military and overseas absentee ballots (must be postmarked no later than November 4) is November 12th.


7 thoughts on “Election Results: Octorara Area School Director 2013

      • John, of course you are free to say and think whatever you want, but I got 108 votes in Parkesburg South. The 246 was the total for the region. It helps, even when you are being a sore winner, to check the “actual” facts. You could also think about another fact, there were 219 straight party votes. These are people who “mostly” don’t go all the way down to the actual school board box, they simply say I am Republican or Democrat and want to vote only for my party no matter who the other choices are. If I had been on the ballot it “may” have been a different outcome. Of the people who went down to the box and checked a name or wrote in my name, I was far more successful. This is something I didn’t quite understand about people complaining because I got in the race late. That gave a decided advantage to the other 2 candidates, because a straight party vote on either side eliminated me. I had to get people to agree to take the time to mark each ballot category individually and then write my name in too. That proved to be a hill too high. Yet and still, I congratulate Tim and wish him all the best. This is standard form for winners and losers after an election. We pay tribute to our opponents because we know the challenge of getting into the battle and often wear the scars when the day is done. After the heat of the campaign dissipates “most” of us respect our opponents even if we don’t agree with them.

      • David,

        I agree with some of what you wrote, but you are too seasoned in the world of politics to blame straight party votes for not pulling off a win. Highland Township obviously shows that motivated voters will take the time to individually mark a ballot, and write in a name.

        I appreciate you getting in the race, because you made my win a legitimate win, rather than skating unopposed on a handful of petition signatures.

        You ran as Stoltzfus’ teammate, as an endorsed candidate of several other Board members, with name recognition and local political weight that a newcomer, like myself, could never muster.

        I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your campaign. I thank you for the well wishes, and hope all the best for you in the future.

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