Tomorrow is Election Day! Remember to GO Vote!

The general election is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5th, and I want to remind residents to make your voices heard!

These off year elections will have a profound influence on our local taxes and policies enacted in both our local municipalities and the school district, and it is important for all citizens to participate in the election of our local leaders – especially when we are affected so directly.

Local elected officials, and the policies they advocate, have either a positive or negative impact on things such as education, local development, home values, economic opportunities, and local job creation.  With these elections quickly approaching, it is time for all citizens to make our voices heard by exercising our right to vote.

Bellow are snippets of sample ballots for Parkesburg-South, Highland Twp, and Londonderry:

Parkesburg-South Sample Ballot

Highland SampleLondonderry Sample

Full Sample Ballots and a list of Polling Places can be found on the Chester County Voter Services website.

The right to vote is indispensable to maintaining a strong and free society, so please exercise that right and make an impact by choosing officials who will influence the types of changes that are desperately needed across our area.

Do not miss the chance to use your right to vote to create positive changes in your own life and in the lives of those around you!

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As of 8/16/13, You will be asked to show PHOTO ID but it will not be required on November 5, 2013 to cast your vote.
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