Final Thoughts Before Election Day

Final-thoughtsNow that we find ourselves hours away from this year’s election, I wanted to post a few final thoughts. I wish to thank everyone in advance who choose to consider these musings, and those who will be taking the time to vote tomorrow. You are making a positive difference, no matter if we agree or disagree.

By now, I am sure most have decided who they will vote for, and why, in the 2013 Octorara Area School Director Election. In case you haven’t, please keep in mind that local taxes and policies enacted by the School Board affect everyoneWe do not need to agree on every issue, but ask yourself if we are on the same page with regards to the importance of critical matters: property taxes, debt, labor costs, academic performance, transparency.

At the end of the day, it should be the voters who decide where to put the District’s priorities, and to that end, voters are entitled to make an informed choice. You are entitled to know a candidate’s platform and vision for the District, before you vote, because his/her choices can affect everything from your child’s education to local economic development, and from home values to local job creation.

I believe my campaign has been able to inform citizens about topics the District has either down-played, white-washed, or simply ignored. I have placed facts, data, and statistics front-and-center that were in too few hands, and difficult to locate. I also put forth some common sense ideas for fixing our District’s crushing property taxes, improving academic performance, and providing transparency.

We must keep the spotlight on the District. We deserve more than we have been getting from our elected officials. They are the stewards of our tax dollars, entrusted to govern on behalf of the community, and mandated to provide proper oversight and accountability. Citizens must hold the School Board members accountable, because no one else will.

I envy the West Chester Area School District, and their vibrant political activity. West Chester promotes their elections, and encourages participation. As a result, they have 8 candidates on the ballot running for 4 seats, not to mention the various write-in candidates.

The WCASD PTO attempted to organize a Meet The Candidates Night, but was unsuccessful. However, they did have each School Director candidate (from the ballot) fill out a candidate questionnaire. As a result, every voter has the opportunity to know the platform and vision of each candidate.

The citizens of the Octorara Area deserve at least that much… don’t they?

The next cycle of School Director elections will be in 2015. We need citizens who are willing to tackle the tough issues facing our school district, and for them to become ready to run for School Director. We need School Directors who are willing to face the reality of high property taxes, low enrollment, poor academic performance, and government transparency. We need School Directors who realize they work for the students, parents, and citizens of this area, and not the Administration, the Teachers’ Union, or a special group of insiders.

Added: If you live in Parkesburg-South, Highland Twp or Londonderry, and need a ride to your election polling place, please message me your address and phone number. I’m happy to shuttle people.


8 thoughts on “Final Thoughts Before Election Day

  1. Tim you have earned the seat many times over!

    We are all voting for you tomorrow and wish you the best of luck!


  2. A brief elaboration: I should have said: “Just like your entire campaign, your final thoughts were infused with principle and delivered in classy way.” Unlike your opponents — declared, write-in, puppet-masters pulling strings, or a Greek chorus of whiners and wailers — you have never stooped, never bowed, never lost your direction, never lowered yourself to their level. You remained true, rose above, gave us all a lesson in how politics can be practiced with civility. Hopefully you will win your seat. But even if not I submit that you have already won an important moral victory.

  3. P.S. If Knickerbocker deigns to climb down from his imagined high horse, stop peddling untruths, and ask about what really transpired with with the OOR matter, I will happily take him to school. I wrote it up, chapter and verse, more than a week ago. I offered it to Alexander. He declined to publish. Not because what I said was untrue, but because he felt the time had passed. Know this: almost everything you have read about Alexander’s Right-to-Know request is untrue, at best hopelessly slanted. But that’s typical: Alexander exercises judgement, while his opponents throw caution to the wind.

    • Mr. Vail, I’d love to hear what you had to say in the matter. I too have emailed Tim regarding the matter. Feel free to email me if you wish to keep what you have to say private.


  4. Poor Ken Knickerbocker. He has lost his bearings, his footing, his moorings. He no longer knows what he is supposed to be about. He has turned Parkesburg Today over to some kids only interested in chronicling sports and minutae. But, god live him, the K-man is still capable of rising from his bed of repose and posting something to let us all know that, by god, he is still alive and kicking, if as irrational and illiterate as ever. I would remind readers that twice the K-man tried to recruit me to his cause, and twice I said no way, no how, never the twain shall meet. Knickerbocker tries to peddle razy, I try to deal in reason.

    • It is good to see that people are now aware of the crippling effects from Ken’s ranting blog that has not only slandered many people like myself, but also hid the truth from the public.

      Thanks to Tim’s newspaper we have the truth!

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