Letter to the Editor: Curious, Mysterious, and Troubling

Parkesburg Gazette

by C. Vail

This is all very curious, even mysterious, and potentially very troubling.

Putting aside the question of whether you, Timothy Alexander, first requested of the OASD school board to release information concerning negotiations relating to the new contract of the OASD superintendent, Dr. Thomas Newcome, before filing a ‘Right-to-Know’ request with the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records, the record seems indisputable that you did in fact file a Right-to-Know request. Correspondence between you and the Office of Open Records confirms this. And it seems clear that the Office of Open Records twice communicated with the school board and school district administrators via the schoolboard@octorara.org email address. But now, according to the school board’s press release, the Octorara Board of School Directors is asserting, essentially: ‘gosh, we never heard from anyone, this is the first we’ve heard of any of this stuff, who knew?’ Curious, very curious.

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