FINAL: Octorara Area School Director 2013

We have the final Primary 2013 numbers.


                        **** 2013 PRIMARY RESULTS ****                               	           
                   Sadsbury	W Fallowfield	
Region 2	   Rep	Dem	Rep	Dem
Samuel Ganow	   32	14	82	27		
Henry D Oleyniczak 27    6      30      --
Thomas M Seth JR   30   --      --      --
Write-Ins(Other)   --   --       2       5	          

                 Parkesburg-S    Highland       Londonderry
Region 3	  Rep	Dem	Rep	Dem	Rep	Dem
Nelson Stoltzfus  63	36	42	10	36	13
Timothy Alexander 47	28	31	 7	46	11
Frank Dangelo	  34	--	25	--	62	--
Write-Ins	   4	 1	 1	--	--	--

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the November election is now, unfortunately, just a technicality.

If you have ever thought of running for school board, or think you would like to, you now know you have less than 2 years to prepare for May 2015. No excuses, every region will have seats up for election. In Region 1 there will be three positions. Regions 2 and 3 will each have one.

Democracy requires choice, and choice is something the Octorara Area School District is seriously lacking. Since I started the tax petition and this blog, I have talked to many people from the area who feel the board does not listen to the taxpayers. I have heard the stories of people speaking at a board meeting,  who felt some Directors were unwilling to listen. Lets face facts, what motivation is there to listening to opposing points of view? Do they actually need the voters to get re-elected?

If you have any sense of civic duty or community responsibility, I urge you to consider running in the Octorara Area School District 2015 School Director race, no matter what your political leaning: Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Green Party. For our community to thrive, we need a vibrant local political landscape.


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