Primary Results: Octorara Area School Director 2013


We are showing the unofficial election results, posted as of 11:35PM on Primary Night, and will make updates as they become available.

	         Sadsbury	W Fallowfield	
Region 2	Rep	Dem	Rep	Dem
Samuel Ganow	32	14	82	27		
Write-Ins	--	--	32	 5		

	          Parkesburg-S	 Highland	Londonderry
Region 3	  Rep	Dem	Rep	Dem	Rep	Dem
Nelson Stoltzfus  63	36	42	10	36	13
Timothy Alexander 47	28	31	 7	46	11
Frank Dangelo	  34	--	25	--	62	--
Write-Ins	   4	 1	 1	--	--	--

The two BIG stories out of this primary are from West Fallowfield and Londonderry Townships.

We will have to wait until the write-in votes are counted, but it looks like we may have a 3 person race for the two seats available in Region 2. Samuel Ganow, as the only official candidate, will be on the ballot come November, but with a stunning 32 Republican, and 5 Democrat write-in votes, there may be two additional names. The high number of write-in votes is understandable given the fact there were two seats and one candidate.

Region 3’s primary results landed about as expected, with long-time board member Nelson Stoltzfus taking the #1 spot in Parkesburg-South, and Highland Township. However, Londonderry flipped the script on Stoltzfus, where he came in a distant 3rd place in their Republican Primary.

Parkesburg-South returns were the last to come in from Region 3, and turned this race into a nail-biter. Before Parkesburg’s votes were counted, Dangelo was strongly in the lead for the #1 spot, for the two seats, in the Republican race, and only one vote separated Stoltzfus and Alexander. In the end, only 3 votes turned this from a 3 person to a 2 person race come November.

We are looking at less than 10% voter turnout overall. Totals for Region 3 break down with Nelson Stoltzfus in first in the Republican and Democratic races, receiving 141 and 59 votes respectively. Timothy Alexander in second place in both the Republican and Democratic races, with 124 and 46 votes. Frank Dangelo placing 3rd in the Republican race with 121 votes, and not running in the Democratic primary.

As it stands,  Nelson Stoltzfus and Timothy Alexander will be on ballot come November for the two seats in Region 3.


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