May 20th Regular Meeting Downloadable Agenda

Download your copy of the Octorara Regular Meeting Agenda, scheduled for May 20th at 7:30pm, in the Jr./Sr. High School Multi-Purpose Room.


6 thoughts on “May 20th Regular Meeting Downloadable Agenda

  1. I wonder what this budget will have in it, and whether or not the school board has made the right choices for the tax payers. It should be a meeting where dozens of tax payers fill the seats, but not sure if that will happen. Lets hope for a non increase!

  2. I believe my wife, possibly myself, will be at the meeting this evening, depending on who draws the short straw to put the kids to bed, but I had a couple of questions regarding the agenda.

    $28,166.48 for copy and computer paper? I understand they’ll need paper throughout the year, but I was wondering if they include computer paper ream’s in the the list of school supplies they give the parents for the beginning of the school year? At AGCS, the list of supplies is endless but they include items that are to be used by the school and not just the child. Plus, $28K seems a bit extreme. You can buy paper in bulk and get a carton of 10 reams that has 5000 sheets of paper for around $30. At $28K, that equates to over 4.5 million sheets of paper. Does that seem a little extreme to you guys?

    Another point regarding the extended year staff. Are these current teachers that are brought in during the summer to work? If so, why are they paid extra for this time? I’m new to the inter workings of a school, so any information on this would be nice to know in case I or my wife have questions.

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

    • Reducing the use of paper was one of the items listed when “trying” to find cuts. However, it did not seem to be one of the items that actually made it into the items to be cut… at least as far as what was discussed publicly, and could very well be in the numbers they say they are trying to work out.

      Teachers’ pay is for a school year, not an actual year. A person working at the same rate, over a normal year (based on Octorara’s average), would make around $80K.

      • Ok, thanks for the input.

        On a side note, the average salary for our teachers is $49,730. The starting salary of a PA state trooper is $58,211… no summers off.

      • The $49K is the starting salary for teachers at Octorara beginning this fall. The distric’s average salary was $66K for 2011-12. I dont have the updated numbers for 2012-13 yet.

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