Mathematics and Humor: When You Can’t Argue With the Facts

There is emerging an ugliness in this debate of school budgets and academic achievement, on both sides. There is a saying, “If you can’t win an argument with facts, attack their mother.” This line of thinking and behavior does not fix problems. It only creates bitter divisions and malice.

I have had several people privately send me “ammunition” to use against board members and others. I have had personal attacks made against me. This type of response and reaction to one who challenges opinions is venomous and destructive.

I have tried very hard to keep this discussion civil, to the point, and factual, and ask everyone (specifically those who support change) to keep a measured approach. Don’t respond with anger, when anger is directed at you. Have confidence in your opinions, and use facts to support your ideas.

Those who respond with anger and malice, using personal attacks, are evading the actual topic for a reason… their opinions are based on more opinions. They attack with anger because they know their argument is weak.

On at least one occasion, I allowed negativity to get the better of me, and my response was less than kind. For my part, I formally apologize. There is never good cause to roll around in the mud.

Change does not come easy. Being evil may win a single battle, but will it be at a cost. Please do not attack people, or question their motives. I believe each of the board members, and those involved in this debate, to be acting with the intent of doing right. The debate must remain one of ideas.


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