York Schools Debate All-Charter Option

teacher-clipartIf you have been following this blog, you may know that I have focused in of York City School District, and the solutions they have been debating. It was suggested by Dr Newcome, at the last board meeting, they may have options available to them because of there long-standing academic issues. However, it is their financial condition and a new law (Act 141 of 2012) which made changes easier.

The 20-person committee, led by the district’s chief recovery officer, David Meckley, is considering two options to improve the district’s academics, safety and fiscal well-being.

The options are converting the district to all charter schools or selecting an internal transformation method proposed by a team of teachers and administrators.

The transformation method would include creating magnet schools that would have focus subjects for each building and would allow students to attend schools around the district, not just in their neighborhoods.(Read more…)

From the Pennsylvania Depatrment Of Education website:

Act 141 of 2012 directs the State Board of Education to promulgate reglations that define criteria that may be used for determining whether a school district is placed in financial recovery status. The Act identifies 15 criteria that the Secretary of Education may consider in making a designation, and the Board’s regulation will identify additional factors for consideration in issuing a designation of financial recovery status and whether a district will be placed in moderate or severe recovery status.

In promulgating the regulation, the State Board was directed to consult with a statewide Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from the Department of Education and Governor’s Office of the Budget, and a superintendent, school business official and school director representative of urban, rural and suburban districts. The Advisory Committee met four times throughout fall 2012 and adopted a recommendation for the State Board’s consideration in December 2012. On January 10, 2013, the State Board approved a proposed rulemaking – Chapter 18 – that reflects the Advisory Committee’s recommendation with a few clarifying amendments. (Read more…)

Do we need the state to step in to get our financial house in order? I don’t believe we do, but that means accepting the things we cannot change, and having the courage to change the things we can. The blame game must end. If nothing significant changes, the Octorara Area School District is facing a tax rate of greater than 40 mills within a few, very short years.


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