Lancaster Newspaper Lets Misconceptions About Charters Go Unchallenged

LancasterOnlineDebbie Wygent, the LancasterOnline reporter covering the Octorara Area School District, had a the opportunity to do some real journalism. Instead, she decided to report misconceptions about charters, without fact correction, rather than reporting an attempt to get the school board focused on budget, tax, and performance solutions.

In another matter at the meeting, the board heard lengthy comment from visitor William Kloss of Atglen, who said private charter schools, which cost the district $2 million annually, are placing a strain on tax dollars. Kloss said charter schools are not a “sacred cow” and that $1 million alone goes annually to Avon Grove Charter School.

Kloss said charter school teachers don’t have to meet the rigorous standards of Octorara’s teachers. He also said Octorara must meet the legally mandated needs of special education students, which can run up to $100,000 per student. Kloss said charter schools don’t have to meet this challenge and can pick their students. (Read more…)

I addressed Mr Kloss’ beliefs about charters in the previous post.

It is a real shame the way Ms Wygent has been covering the budget, tax, and performance issues at the Octorara Area School District. The topic, in recent months, has been buried at the end of other articles.

Other reporters, such as Brian Wallace, were not afraid to dig into the details of the school district’s budget and academic performance, not just highlight the district’s talking points.


One thought on “Lancaster Newspaper Lets Misconceptions About Charters Go Unchallenged

  1. Why, in this republican area, is there such hostility towards charter schools? It is very much on the state republican agenda, and they have failed to convince their own party of the importance of empowering kids to break free from failing schools.

    I am a democrat, but fully support school choice. Kids deserve options, and schools are not set up to educate students from low-income households.

    I know Debbie and a little disappointed.

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