Timothy Alexander Announces Candidacy For Octorara Area School District Board, Region 3

IMG_1515aaaaaa-214x300Parkesburg, Pennsylvania – Timothy Alexander officially announces his candidacy for Octorara Area School District Board, Region 3.

Timothy is a life long resident of Chester County, 19 year resident of the Borough of Parkesburg, and the married father of six. He is a REALTOR® associated with Keller Williams Real Estate -Exton, possessing 10 years of sales and marketing knowledge, and having extensive experience using technology, software, and Social Media.

It has been long reported the Octorara Area School District has had high per-student costs, including very high labor, compared to other area schools. In January, the Octorara School Board announced a preliminary budget including a tax increase for both Chester and Lancaster County residents. Timothy spoke out against the ever-increasing burden placed on taxpayers, and has been the central facilitator for discussing how to provide relief to residents in this weak economy.

Passionate about the Octorara Area School District, Timothy said, “I am running for School Board because I am a concerned parent and taxpayer. The economic well-being of this area is threatened by the size of the school budget. Many are frustrated at the amount of taxpayer money spent by the Octorara Area School District, without furthering its mission to provide our students with a world-class education. The School Board needs new members who are willing to refocus the administration on the mission of educating students and creating a responsible budget to accomplish that goal.

“My candidacy, and the policies I will endorse, are a reflection of my respect for the citizens of this area. I believe there needs to be greater transparency and accountability on matters including budget adoption, contracts, curriculum adoption, and fiscal planning and oversight. I will promote and work for greater responsiveness, citizen inclusion, transparency and fiscal responsibility.”

Octorara Area School District Board, Region 3 encompasses South Parkesburg, Highland Township, and Londonderry Township. The primary election will be held May 21st. The general election will take place November 5th.


6 thoughts on “Timothy Alexander Announces Candidacy For Octorara Area School District Board, Region 3

  1. Can we make Leon Lapp the school board president, and fire Lisa Bowman and Brian Norris? Lisa Bowman, and Brian Norris have made no attempt at fixing anything, and it makes me sick to see them spending more and more like they have a blank check from the tax payers. Leon Lapp is in his second year and knows more than Lisa, and Brian together, so maybe if we fire Lisa and Brian we might have a chance at fixing the budget. In my professional opinion I would say Brian and Lisa are very stupid people…And you can quote me on that!

  2. I wish you could have been elected before they built all the new structures and wasted all of the tax payers money years ago to get us out of this mess. We know you will make a great impact Tim, and thank you for all your hard work bringing us the true facts!

  3. Go Tim! Thank you for the great news, and my family is extremely happy that you are running. You have great knowledge, and you are using it to help everyone in the area. We can not thank you enough!

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