Does Octorara Make The Grade? Part 3 : College Readiness

SATThe SAT is intended to assess a student’s readiness for college. Unlike the PSSA, which is administered by the state of Pennsylvania, the SAT is owned, published, and developed by the College Board, a non-profit composed of more than 5,900 schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations.

SAT consists of three major sections. Each section receives a score, and a total score is calculated by adding up scores of the three sections.

Once again, the below data comes from the same Pennsylvanian Department of Education, and publicly available on their website.

School Name Verbal Average Score Math Average Score Prior to Writing Test Writing Average Score With Writing Test
Unionville HS 577 591 1168 584 1752
Conestoga HS 578 601 1179 572 1751
Great Valley HS 572 576 1148 564 1712
Downingtown HS East 541 560 1101 541 1642
Downingtown West 530 554 1084 528 1612
Henderson HS 530 543 1073 515 1588
West Chester East 519 538 1057 514 1571
West Chester Bayard Rustin HS 520 537 1057 511 1568
Owen J Roberts HS 521 529 1050 512 1562
Avon Grove HS 515 531 1046 502 1548
Kennett HS 516 520 1036 504 1540
Phoenixville Area HS 512 521 1033 502 1535
Oxford Area HS 500 511 1011 473 1484
Octorara Area HS 493 506 999 468 1467
Coatesville Area SHS 447 448 895 423 1318

Have we started to see a trend in the data? Do you think we are getting a good return on our tax dollars? If you agree that this community does not need another tax hike, where should we cut the budget… with programs that help kids, or the adult who that are under performing for the high wages we are paying?


9 thoughts on “Does Octorara Make The Grade? Part 3 : College Readiness

  1. It is probably worse than the data appears. There are many students that don’t take the SATs that would, if they did they take the test, bring scores down even further.

  2. The average SAT scores are: CR-496; M-514;W-488. The writing section is notoriously difficult and sometimes misrepresents writing ability; several colleges do not factor writing scores into admission. Octorara is ranked 11 out of 15 in Lancaster County with 68% of students participating. It’s scores are just slightly below average in the county, state, and nation.

    • From the New York Times: “Scores on the SAT correlate very highly with scores on standardized tests of intelligence, and like IQ scores, are stable across time and not easily increased through training, coaching or practice. SAT preparation courses appear to work, but the gains are small — on average, no more than about 20 points per section.”
      SAT scores are a reflection of general intelligence, not school preparation.

      • You referenced a post from the Opinion section. It is one of five posts, from different perspectives, debating the validity of SAT scores… a debate that has existed for a long time. The SAT is an objective, measurable method of measuring college preparedness.

    • Joe,

      The comparison is being done in relation to Chester County schools to provide a reference for Return On Investment. Octorara teachers are paid at a rate higher than county, state, and national averages. I know you’re a young guy, and may not fully understand the property tax situation. However, no matter what the comparison, we are paying more and getting less.

      • The point is that taxes are too high, and we will not stand for it anymore. The school board has failed us, and the teachers have failed the students. Now with that out of the way how can we better the situation so it does not happen anymore.

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