Reached 100 Signatures

In less than 2 weeks, our online petition demanding there be no new tax increase this coming year, for the Octorara Area School District, has reached our initial goal of 100 signatures. The next benchmark is 200!!

To add your voice, visit and sign the petition:


One thought on “Reached 100 Signatures

  1. Octorara school spending is out of control, and it needs to be stopped. The school board has a savings account with millions in it, and they should use that before trying to extort more money from the tax payers. I say extort because that is what it feels like to me. Dr. Newcome wants to talk to anyone with any questions about the school boards decisions…Well why should we need to go sit with him privately to talk? Why not talk in front of the public? Why can’t we as tax payers ask questions at the school board meetings? We can make comments, but comments can be ignored.

    Well Dr. Newcome I would say shame on you, Lisa Bowman, and Brian Norris for pushing the tax increase. You 3 are out of touch with the tax payers, and the students education. You treat the school like it is a business, not a school! The main focus you need to have is make the kids smarter because I personally don’t feel comfortable paying high taxes for a school district ranked 314th out of 498 in the state.

    Stop raising the taxes and educate the children. I understand that the school was informed they had 2 years to better their rankings or the funding was gonna be cut off! What will happen then? Another tax increase that puts us all out of homes? These questions should be discussed at the meetings, and I also think since we have a school board that they should go to Harrisburg and complain, not the people paying the taxes. It is your job as school board members to get the best for our children’s education and you are acting like it is a business not a school. Wake up and take a look around because the tax payers will not tolerate any more increases. WE ARE TAPPED OUT! NO MORE INCREASES!

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