Octorara Starting Salary Goes Up During A Time Of Teacher Flood

Apply OnlineOn October 11, 2011, it was reported by Brian Wallace, staff writer for lancasteronlone.com, that the new Octorara teacher contract…

…will boost the starting salary for a new teacher from $46,914 to $49,191 in 2013-14, Newcome said. He did not have figures on how the average teacher salary in the district will increase over that period.

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A year later, Brian Wallace would report that the average teacher salary was $66,523 for the 2011-12 school year Newcome did not have figures for. What will the average salary be this coming year?

The big question is, why are we increasing the starting salaries (or any salaries at all) when there is currently a teacher flood?

School districts across the country are cutting positions, while at the same time colleges and universities are pumping out new teachers. With both experienced and new teachers competing for fewer positions, why would we be raising starting salaries? I personally know a teacher who has decided to give up looking for a full-time teaching position because there are just too few, and hundreds of applicants.

In the private sector, when there are too few jobs, companies use that opportunity to cut labor costs. This is the basic economics of supply and demand, and we have all been there. Many of our friends and family are there now, having to take a lesser salary because there is so much competition for the few jobs available. The economy may be recovering for the big companies, but not for the Average Joe.

The school district has no profit motive, but they do have a responsibility to bring value to taxpayers and keep rates as low as possible. Why, in the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression, would the school district negotiate pay increases, raise our taxes, and call it a victory for taxpayers?


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