Petition Mentioned By Lancaster County News Outlet

Our petition has started to receive news coverage. Buried at the end of an article talking about school safety,’s Octorara correspondent reported:

The school board also heard from Parkesburg resident Timothy Alexander Monday night. Alexander said he has begun an online petition asking that the school board allow no tax increase this year. He said he had received 61 signatures as of Monday evening.

Alexander said some families live on salaries of $20,000 per year or less.

“Every time we raise taxes we put people at risk for losing their homes,” he said.

“Our budget is all about cuts,” board President Lisa Bowman said.

Bowman and board member Sam Ganow told Alexander the district lacks a commercial property base and that 1 mill in Octorara is worth $800,000, compared to $8 million in the West Chester School District. They said the school board is dealing with the challenges of rising charter school, pension and health care costs, along with revenue shifted onto the bills of homeowners due to Clean and Green regulations.

The school board will next meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18.

Read more:…Octorara-examines-school-safety-in-wake-of-Sandy-Hook.html

I actually did not say, “some families live on salaries of $20,000 per year or less.” I was talking about the Income Per Capita within Parkesburg, which is $26,199 vs. $41,251 for Chester County as a whole. I also mentioned that Parkesburg households have incomes $20,000 less than Chester County overall. Median Household Income in Parkesburg is $65,016, while greater Chester County is $84,741.

The point of bringing up incomes was to make the board aware that their tax increases have a greater impact on our community, because we have less to give.


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