Notes from February 11, 2013 Board Meeting

Tax MonsterWhat I found at last night’s school board meeting is nothing that hasn’t been spoken about on other venues. When they talk about the budget taking shape over the next few months, they are saying that the actual budget and spending has already been decided and is fixed. What they are waiting for is final numbers… how much insurance costs will go up, final estimates on projects, and how much revenue will be coming in from Harrisburg.

I’m going to reiterate what I posted elsewhere, what I learned at the school board meeting is that it is even more imperative for people to speak out. The meeting began with School Board President, Lisa Bowman, stressing the need to create talking points, and ended with a statement about how powerful the teachers’ union is. The school board seems to believe that the Octorara School District provides such an exceptional education, that people will happily move to the area to pay excessively high taxes.

It seems very clear to me that the school board is out of touch with the people they are suppose to represent. They live in a world where living in Octorara is a discount, even with the excessively high taxes, because if they lived in West Chester or Exton they would have to pay for a much more expensive home. They don’t realize that for the average person in the district, it is not a choice between a $350,000 home in West Chester or a $235,000 home in Parkesburg, and paying extra in taxes is worth it. They don’t care that the per capita incomes and household incomes are lower here. It doesn’t even register.

They completely dismiss and refused to acknowledge that the average person in this area has a much lower income than the average person in Chester County overall, and that these taxes cause real pain. At the end of the day, their decisions have nothing to do with the actual community, or the working-class people who make up the majority. They were more interested in how we compared to school districts like West Chester and Tredyffrin, and unwilling to acknowledge that we are a rural community without the resources to compete with wealthier schools.

The board meeting seemed primarily focused on was them knowing that there was a petition, and finding ways to shut down opposition. We need more people signing the petitions, and more people filling the seats at board meeting.


5 thoughts on “Notes from February 11, 2013 Board Meeting

  1. Oh snap, he started his own blog. I have to be honest, I have a hard time accepting the leadership of this movement/petition as someone who sells real estate and appears to have no interest in young people or education.

    • I’m not really sure what me being a real estate agent has to do with anything. I have lived within the school district for almost 20 years, owned my home for 15 years, and have children that go to the school. The school and school taxes affect me as much as anyone. However, you are entitled to your opinions.

    • Hey its the pbtodayfan! I am so glad you chimed in Ken…I mean whoever you are. I hope you realize that you don’t have any clue about life in Parkesburg except lining your pockets and taking sides with the enemy of the people. I am pushing this petition more and more each day and I am glad to see everyone is waking up and calling Tim a local hero. Oh yeah one more thing…JOEY RZONCA FOR MAYOR!!!

    • pbtodayfan: I don’t know Tim, but I can’t think of many other professions that would bring an individual any closer to folks who have a keen interest in both the local school system and property taxes. I commend him for taking the initiative to get involved and to try to wake up the slumbering apathetic sheeple in this community. If everyone got involved & stayed involved, runaway government imposition on our lives would cease. I’ve spent a lot of time considering ways that I could make a difference in our community–and Tim has provided the means to do so… I’ve attended school board meetings in the past, but gave up because the board just isn’t receptive to people’s input. The only way to fix this problem is by doing exactly what Tim is doing.

      • My name is Joey Rzonca and I have lived in Parkesburg for over 7 years. I am running for Mayor this year for the 2014 election to relieve the tax payers of the burden of too many police officers. My plan is to have less than a 1/3 of what we have now, and sell off all the extra toys the police have accumulated and give the proceeds to the fire dept. I am a small business owner that has been running around town helping people that are less fortunate than myself to keep up the maintenance of their homes for nothing.

        My goal is to help everyone keep their homes and stay afloat as long as possible. When I heard about the corrupt behavior of the borough council and the school board I said enough is enough and joined Tim in his journey to restore prosperity in Parkesburg. The school district doesn’t care and the borough council thinks they can do what they want…Not while I live here! I want to put my name on a ballot for the next election for Mayor and if I win I will promise everyone in town that I will end the “BS” and get this town back on track.

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